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Ballroom showing mixing board and video projection system.
Ballroom showing mixing board and video projection system. Click for more photos of the ballroom.
What kind of audio-visual integrator do you need if you're building a luxury meeting and health facility with the highest standards in every facet of its development?

When Del Webb Corporation built the recreation building for its new retirement center in Huntley, Illinois, they hired Sound Vision. They knew we could provide highly usable systems engineered to fit perfectly with the function and aesthetics of the building itself.

System components

AV system integration includes:

Three high-quality sound systems installed in the ballroom. The first provides 14-speaker THX surround for video entertainment and large business presentations. The second offers live concert sound to bands and other performers. The third is for meeting support and can work as one, two or three separate systems, depending on whether staff divide the ballroom using movable airwalls.

A large-venue video projection system in the ballroom, utilizing a Barcodata projector that drops down out of the ceiling when needed.

Equipment rack for ballroom and zoned audio system.
Equipment rack for ballroom and zoned audio system. Click for more photos of the distributed audio and video systems.
A 14-zone distributed audio system with speakers throughout the inside and outside of the facility.

A CATV/MATV distributed television system, with monitors in the bars, restaurant, lobby, and fitness center. TV monitors in the fitness center are also tied into an FM audio system that allows users to use their Walkman-type radios to listen to the particular TV they choose to watch.

A separate, high power sound system for aerobics and another for the water aerobics class areas. These systems mix the instructors' wireless microphones into CD or taped music. The pool features a waterproofed control panel; the aerobics room an additional playback system for workout videos.

Installing the systems

Working closely with the AV consultant, project manager, consulting architect, and designing architect, our engineers were able to identify the most efficient and effective methods of AV system installation. In order to minimize any disruptive appearance of these AV components, Sound Vision installers concealed them in many different ways. Equipment racks are hidden inside millwork, speakers are color-coordinated to disappear against a like-color background, video projection screens and speakers are recessed into the ceiling, and speakers for the outdoor sound system are hidden in the landscaping.

Aerobics room features ceiling mounted monitors and speakers.
Aerobics room features ceiling mounted monitors and speakers.
Indoor pool and water aerobics area.
Indoor pool and water aerobics area.
Equipment rack for water aerobics area.
Equipment rack for water aerobics area.
Click for more photos of the fitness areas.
Mounting the ballroom's center channel speaker on a lift behind the projection screen was an innovative idea that solved the problem of masking the speaker. The projection screen is perforated, allowing sound to travel through the material out into the room without compromising the integrity of the projected image. This creative combination of visual and audio technology creates an environment that takes full advantage of both technology and room design.

To ensure a professional and timely project, it was imperative that all trades involved in the project had access to one another and the project manager. Coordination took place at biweekly construction meetings. Due to a last-minute change in the electrical contractor's responsibilities, a change order was issued for Sound Vision to use plenum rated cable in accessible areas instead of the previously specified non-plenum rated cable. This work order came only three weeks before the ceiling completion date. Fortunately, the excellent working relationship with the project manager and other trades allowed this change order to be fulfilled while still completing the project on time.

Attentiveness to the client's needs helped Sound Vision identify the need for and complete over 25 change orders. The changes helped make the facility exactly what Del Webb wanted it to be a space where architecture and technology co-exist without detracting from their individual and combined impact.



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